This will be an online journal for me.

just incase anyone gives a damn, my name is Kyle, and my email is link121213@gmail.com

2 Responses to About

  1. Ross says:

    About your weird pic and the phone problems, I’d suggest that you try doing some research on Slenderman, he’s been known to cause AV distortion.
    You have a video camera? It’s an easy way to tell when he’s near, usually the video tears, and sometimes there’s an audio distortion.
    Is your camera digital?

  2. Kyleen says:

    Hello Kyle, judging from the strange occurrences going on, I’d venture the suggestion that maybe you’re dealing with something out of the ordinary? Most people are shy to assume the paranormal option, and it’s very likely that your neighbor was just a psycho and it unsettled you, but it’s always a possibility that you should keep an eye open for.

    I’d suggest doing some research on slenderman and related topics. Maybe looking into marble hornets? It’s supposed to be staged but, who knows, you might find something useful there.

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