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I have finals this week, so maybe not as many updates as I’d like to have. I’ll try to keep it to one a day. My photography final is tomorrow, so I’ll try to upload some pictures I take from there.

the camera lens on the Bloggie is damaged, so I wont be able to use it. not that i’d want to anyway ­čśŤ

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package came in the mail.

Flash drive(also encrypted)

lightbulb(really small one) This suggested that it was delivered to my house, and didn’t come through the mail system at all

Camera(sony BLOGGIE touch) Looks like a present ­čśÇ only 2 videos on it, both of someone landing in an airplane.

Page from the notebook. This concerns me greatly.


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you forget…

that you need CHAOS

to have ORDER

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The .MP4 files are encrypted….I might upload them anyway, I just need a password to decrypt…

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I moved during the long break.

I swear that place was driving me crazy, anyway, I just got internet in the new house, and I’m looking through my old phone for ‘evidence 2.mp4’, ‘evidence3.mp4’, and ‘evidence4.mp4’ I also didn’t post ‘Virus’

I’ll keep you updated on my progress on the evidence videos. I’m deleting those posts….bad time of my life.


EDIT1: just to let you all know, the new house in closer to the greenhouses.

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They are far gone now.

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Apparently those greenhouses were private property. I was in custody or something since my last update.




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I went to those old greenhouses, but I dont remember a thing. All I know is that when I got back there was a cut on my arm, and my camera was missing…

i got one shot on my cell phone, i dont quite know what it is…i will upload it today sometime

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Sorry about that…

I was thinking in an irrational manner, something like slenderman couldnt be real, right? All the wierd stuff in my neighborhood is probably getting to me, and causing me to see things…i hope

maybe im just in denial, I keep seeing it though.

This might be interesting to some readers, I didnt take this, it looks like those old greenhouses by my old house, maybe ill look around there soon

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