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dying inhibition lacks value GOD DAMNIT IM LOSING IT I KEEP SEEING THIS FUCKING THING…it looks like the slenderman, but thats just a myth….right? he was on my bed last night ON MY FUCKING BED

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saw something

it was in the trees, I think I saw a man in the trees. ive never seen him before, maybe hes the killer? CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS

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Neighbor turned up dead, the police are everywhere again. ill keep you all posted…

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The Notebook

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Out of town

Pictures coming tomorrow around 5PM pst. I am stuck out of town, and it’s too  foggy to dirve. im posting from my iPhone now. -Kyle

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I feel like im being watched. I went into my missing neighbors house to investigate after all the police were gone. I found some creepy drawings in one of her notebooks. I will either scan or photograph them tonight. as … Continue reading

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